Trying To Even Things Up A Bit (…But Not Really)

January 20, 2010 at 11:59 pm 1 comment

Even before Mark and I had Julian, we always knew that as much as we would like to give the boys the same opportunities and experiences as one another, it’s just an impossible thing to do.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t try, but still, things are much different here in Hong Kong.  The one area I have the hardest time juggling is in making sure that both boys get enough attention — attention in general as well as from both me and Mark individually.  And if anyone gets shortchanged in the attention department, I hate to admit that it’s Julian.  I naively assumed that as children got older they would require less constant attention.  Well, color me surprised when Noah turned out to want to hang out with me just as much now as he did when he was younger.  Toss in a preschool with a strong parent-participation ethos, weekly playdates, running around town for the usual banal household errands, plus a weekly knitting group for me (so as I don’t go insane), and there are days when I feel that I barely see Julian.  Luckily he’s at an age when he’s happy as long as there’s someone around making googly faces at him, but still, it doesn’t make me feel good feeling like I’m missing out on seeing my youngest (and last!) baby.

So last week I started looking around for a parent/baby class that we could do together.  I was originally thinking of doing something along the lines of a kindermusik or gymboree class, but after looking around on some local parenting forums, I saw some rave reviews about the PEKiP program here in Hong Kong.  PEKiP is a German program which essentially teaches parents how to play with their babies.  The classes are separated into very specific age groups so all the babies are roughly the same age and on the same level developmentally.  Anne, the instructor, then teaches you some games and ways to interact with your baby that’s best for where they’re at developmentally.  There’s even a baby massage lesson at the end of the class.  I know that “playing with babies” sounds like a complete no-brainer but I’d forgotten all this stuff from when I’d first done it with Noah and there are only so many times you can play peek-a-boo before you want to start banging your head against the table.  Besides, it’s interesting to learn about how your baby is physically and mentally developing.

The crazy thing about the class is that all of the babies have to be naked.  Supposedly it’s to enhance the sensory stimulation but secretly I think she enjoys playing a private game of “guess who’s going to get peed on next”.  Julian and I went to our first class on Tuesday and I’m happy to report that I did not get peed or pooped on.  He did throw up all over me but for some reason, I find getting puked on a little more sociably acceptable.  He had such a good time in class.  He was interested in everything — the toys she brought out, the games we played, the crying babies all around us.  And I loved having an hour and a half where all I did was just focus on Julian.  Another cool thing about the class is that most of the other babies were Western (that is, not Chinese) which meant that they were all on the bigger side and Julian was not the freakishly large baby of the bunch.  No double-takes and surprised looks, no inane comments like, “Are you sure he’s only six months old?”  Just a lot of oohing and ahhing and even a couple of “He looks just like you!”  (Hooray!)

Even though the babies were all about the same age (he was in the class for July and August born babies), Julian was the only one who was able to sit up by himself and crawl (which he does, but backwards…but I’ve been told that counts) so at the end of class Anne asked if she could move us to the next class which is for June babies.  I’m trying not to be too braggy about it, like he somehow just got promoted or something, but still I can’t help feel a little…eh, like…yeah, my baby is better than your baby, so suck it!  Of course now that I’ve written that down he’s probably going to regress or something, but whatever.  Just as long as he’s just as happy in the new class.


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  • 1. Lien  |  January 22, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Sounds like a cool class. Congrats on Julian not looking freakishly large and kicking the other babies’ tushies. 🙂


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