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Kids + Sugar = Lots of Noise

Today was the day of Noah’s birthday party, or as Noah likes to call it, his “real birthday”. Beginning at around 6 am, Noah started asking if it was time to go to his party yet so when 11:15 finally rolled around, we were more than happen to pack everyone in the car and head over to Babycakes to set up:

This is Noah with Isabella, who despite coming all the way from Shenzhen was still the first one to arrive:

And my giant, sleeping baby (this is literally the only picture of Julian I have from the day so I had to include it):

While the kids spent the first hour playing in the the playroom and eating, the grown ups got a chance to meet one another and talk since this was really the first time all of the parents in Noah’s classroom got a chance to gather in one place:

Later the Babycakes staff lined all the children up, took them into the kitchen and gave them a tour of the bakery. Mark and I opted to sit out the tour — partly because they didn’t allow pictures inside the kitchen, and partly because with all of the kids gone, it was a good time to give our poor eardrums a rest. When the kids came back out, they got to sit down and pretend to mix up their own cupcakes:

And afterwards, the staff brought out real cupcakes, little icing bags and cups of sprinkles for the kids to decorate their own cupcakes:

Just a quick note to any cupcake decorators out there — green icing equals a really disgusting looking mouth once you start eating it:

After the cupcakes had been eaten, the kids ran around and played again which obviously meant that they hadn’t had enough quite enough sugar yet so we brought out the birthday cake. Here is Noah being suddenly bashful when his friends started singing Happy Birthday to him:

And what kind of parents would Mark and I be if we didn’t insist on a Ben 10 cake for the boy? Oh look, more green icing:

After the candles had been blown out, the boys got to argue over which one would get the cupcake with the Omnitrix on it:

The kids got to play and run around a bit more and shortly afterward it was time for everyone to go home. I was a little afraid that I might have overloaded everyone on the sugar, but apparently they had a lot of opportunity to burn it all off at the party. Here is the boy not even 5 minutes after leaving Babycakes:

Naturally he woke up refreshed and ready to tackle all of his presents:

I think this clears me and Mark from having to buy Noah any more toys for the rest of the year. Yay! At the beginning of the party when Noah started seeing his friends trickling in, he whispered to me, “Mommy, this is the best party ever!” I’m half afraid that Mark and I have set the bar a little high for all of his future parties but considering this was the first time Noah’s been old enough to grasp the concept of a birthday party, I’m just glad we could give him something that he enjoyed so much.


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Noah’s Birthday in Pictures

Given my incredible sense of timing, I managed to come down with a cold on Noah’s birthday. This means a picturepalooza of the boy’s birthday because I don’t feel like thinking/writing. Hooray for you!

Noah started off his day with a traditional birthday doughnut:

He got to open up a couple of birthday presents before heading off to school for the day:

It’s BenWolf!

Humungosaur and BenWolf fight it out to see who gets to eat the last chocolate doughnut:

Noah reminds us how old he is (post-doughnut):

After school (during which he said he “got lots of birthday hugs” from his friends) and after his swimming lesson, we hunkered down in the kitchen where the boy helped make his birthday cake:

Blowing out more birthday candles:

Finally, examining his new light-up animals of the world globe:

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Just Add Guests

The invitations have been sent out

The replies have come in and all but two children are coming.  Yikes!  That’s a lot of kids!! Noah’s birthday party is this coming Saturday and I’m not quite sure who’s more excited at this point — me or Noah.  You could probably also add Lachlan to that list as well.  Lachlan is the owner of Babycakes and has been such a huge help to a party planning handicapped parent such as myself. As the day of Noah’s party approaches, we’ve been shooting off emails back and forth trying to finalize the details.  His enthusiasm for his work really comes out in these communications.  He’s thorough, he makes suggestions regarding things I’ve overlooked, and frankly his enthusiasm is contagious.  At this point I think we’re trying to out-exclamation point each other.  The only other time I’ve used more exclamation points is when I write to Jae and ask how her pregnancy is coming along (so excited!!!).

Now all that’s left is the actual party. That and putting together the party favors. Unfortunately for me, in a fit of lunacy I decided that giving out a cookie mix in a jar thing would make an appropriate party favor for a cupcake party. In theory it sounded like a good idea…until the number of kids coming started going up. So now I have the enviable task of turning these:

into party favors. Luckily for me I have my trusty assistant to help me:

(and by “help me” I really mean, “eat handfuls of the chocolate chips.”)

10 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of chocolate chips, 5 pounds of brown sugar and one very messy afternoon later, we have these:

Ah, progress. Now comes the fun part — writing out all of the recipe cards. Our printer currently isn’t working so I get to write 16 instruction cards by hand. Whee!

And I thought writing out the invitations was a pain…

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Bullet Points

My poor, sad, neglected little blog.  Obviously I haven’t been updating it lately.  But not for lack of stuff to write about.  September’s been packed full of stuff but I’ve been so preoccupied — doing stuff for Noah’s school or for his birthday among other things — that I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about them [Fun fact: it takes me, on average, a good two to three hours to knock out a blog entry.  Really. Hours.  Either because I’m such a diligent writer or else I have a hard time forming coherent sentences…it’s a toss up.].  And because my mind works in a very linear way, I feel like I must write about what’s been going on since I last wrote before I can move on and write about anything else so here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on with us lately…

  • Noah just finished up his first month at his new school and, besides me being incredibly busy with school stuff, so far everything else seems to be going great.  Miss Joanne wrote me another note extolling the boy’s wonderful manners, leaving me scratching my head and thinking, “Really?  What the?!”  I can only assume that Noah has a daily reserve of good manners which he’s depleting in class so that by the time he comes home at noon he is back to his normal, rowdy, heathenish self again.  Lucky me.
  • Noah’s back to school night was on Tuesday this week.  I feel like I’ve been to the school so many times since his first day but still, it was nice to go and hear Miss Joanne’s presentation on what they do in class everyday.  The teachers had put up artwork that the kids had drawn so after the presentation I took a quick look around.  It was interesting that while a lot of his classmates drew pictures of their daddy, family or pets (and in the case of one child, “something that could be fire”), Noah’s drawing was of Ben 10 and his aliens.  Have I mentioned that the boy loves Ben 10? Yeah…
  • Julian had his two-month doctor appointment earlier this month.  He currently weighs in at 6.7 kg (14.7 lbs) which puts him in something like the 97th percentile.  Dr. Wong is trying to convince me that he’s overweight — his height of 60 cm only puts him in the 75th percentile — but I’m not buying it.  It’s not like I’m going to put the baby on a diet and besides, I like fat babies.
  • Speaking of diets…Julian has broken out with eczema recently.  Noah’s eczema was allergy-based so I assumed Julian’s was probably allergy-based as well.  I cut eggs and dairy from my diet and, lo and behold, his eczema magically cleared up.  So fare thee well milk, cheese, ice cream and omelettes.  Until we meet again…
  • On the sleeping front, we are both still sleep-deprived.  I promise to stop complaining about this soon because you figure we wanted a new baby and should’ve known what we were in for, but honestly, I remember getting quite a lot of sleep when Noah was still a baby.  Julian is almost sleeping through the night.  For most of the month we’d usually put him down for the night around 8 pm, slip him a final bottle around 11 pm while he was still asleep and he wouldn’t wake up hungry again until about 5 am.  However, he will wake up if his pacifier falls out of his mouth — which, last night, meant getting up every hour between 1 am and 6 am to pop it back in his mouth — and in the last few days he suddenly decided that 3 am is the perfect time for a cuddle.  Not that I mind cuddling — I love cuddling him — but then again I also like to sleep.  Sadness.
  • By the way, I’m currently shopping around for a new camera lens and I’m torn between getting a prime lens (most likely a 50mm lens) or a wide angle (quite possibly even a fish eye lens).  Naturally there are pros and cons to each lens but I’m pretty much split 50/50 and could go with either.  So if anyone has any opinions or preferences with one or the other, please let me know — I’m terrible at making decisions.
  • Finally, I took this (blurry) picture of me and Julian the other day:

  • and I was struck by how much he looks like me when I was a baby.  If anyone has ever wondered what I looked like when I was a baby (admit it, you do think about it, right?) this is it — crazy, spiky hair and all.

So that’s it — our month so far.  Next week will also be quite busy with me and Mark’s 7th(!!!) anniversary on Monday, Noah’s 4th birthday on Wednesday and his birthday party on Saturday.  Not to mention that my parents are flying in to visit for a couple of weeks the following Wednesday so I’m super super excited (plus my mom generously volunteered to haul over 50 balls of yarn that I ordered online and had sent to their house so that’s like icing on the cake for me).  So more busyness ahead (but good busy) but hopefully I won’t fall too far behind on my blogging this time around.

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