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Me and Mark, All Grown Up

Mark and I have been doing some redecorating at our apartment lately, and one of the things that we had been meaning to do for a while was to get rid of our guest bedroom and turn it into something more functional (plus give certain spongy out of town relatives **cough** in-laws **cough** less incentive to visit for extended periods of time). So we sold off the bed and turned it into an office/playroom/storage room. How’s that for multi-functional?

Anyway, all the rearranging has left some empty spaces throughout the house so we decided that next we needed a sideboard for the dining room. So Mark took Monday off and we did what any respectable couple (aged 60 and up) does — we went antique shopping.

As a rule, I’m actually not very fond of antiques. Another rule is, I’m not so much into Asian-style decor. So naturally, we both ended up falling in love with a pair of 1930 Tibetan bookcases. It’s not even a sideboard, but oh well. Up until now, most of our furniture purchases have been strictly functional — we buy beds, couches, bookshelves, etc. because we need them. This purchase was completely based on love, personality and just because we could, with the added bonus of it hopefully being durable enough to withstand a two-year-old. They just delivered them today and I’m still so happy over our first real grown-up purchase that I had to share.

The boy demonstrating his complete disregard of new Rule #1: Noah, I don’t want to see you anywhere near this thing, ok?!

In our dining room where it completely doesn’t match anything else but we don’t care.

Detail of the design.


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Trauma at the Zoo

Noah and I tagged along with Mark on his business trip to Singapore this weekend, and since Mark had meetings all day Monday and couldn’t hang out with us, I decided to take Noah to the Singapore Zoo.

First of all the zoo was just amazing. Noah loves animals and has had an ongoing love affair with penguins (ever since he saw Surf’s Up) and elephants (since birth. Seriously.) and the zoo had plenty of both. He was in animal heaven. Until we got to the section of the zoo called “Big Cat Country.” Normally he loves cats — plus he’s really into Diego these days and is obsessed with Baby Jaguar — so I thought he’d get a kick out of seeing them for real at the zoo.

We walked up to the Cheetah display and right away I spotted this beautiful cheetah just hanging out right up against the glass:

In hindsight, yes, the cheetah does look less like he’s chillin’ out and more like he’s ready to pounce, but what do I know about cheetahs? I told Noah to get closer so I could snap a cool picture of him but the minute Noah stepped forward, the cheetah leaped forward and scared the bejeezus out of him. So now this is what my cool picture looks like:

Poor little guy. I picked him up, crying, but he was so traumatized for the rest of the afternoon. We left the cheetah house to the rhythm of him crying out “No more big cats! All done big cats!” He refused to look at the lions, didn’t want to think about Baby Jaguar, and even when we were at the giraffes (which he loves) all he could say was, “Big cat scare Noah. Noah so scared. No more big cat.”

Oh well, my bad. He’s ok now and laughs whenever he retells the story to his daddy (“Big cat scare Noah. Hahahahaha”), but I’m secretly hoping this incident will put a damper on his Diego obsession.

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