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Tai Chi Boy in Action

Mark and I took Noah to Kowloon Park on Saturday and ran across a few people doing tai chi. Here is Noah, doing his best to follow along (or mock them. He’s two, so it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes):


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Three Things I Want To Remember About Noah

1. His Fearlessness

I don’t know whether it’s a toddler-thing or a Noah-thing but he is not afraid of anything. Except for new and/or green foods. I, on the other hand, am a big ol’ scaredy cat so I am amazed at his enthusiasm for climbing (and then jumping off of) things, his excitement in new environments, and his ease around strangers. It is awe-inspiring and nerve-wracking at the same time.

2. His Patience

Yeah I know. Patience. In a two-year-old! He is admittedly prone to his share of tantrums, but overall, considering how Mark and I trot him around the world almost monthly and our inability to keep him on a consistent schedule, he has been remarkably patient and tolerant of us while we try to figure out this whole “parenting” thing.

3. His Squishy Face

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Daddy’s Day Off

Mark’s had it pretty rough at work lately so he decided to take Thursday off and we took Noah to Ocean Park instead. Ocean Park is a huge, marine-themed amusement park about 10 minutes from our apartment. We’ve been there a couple of times before, but this was the first time we’d be going when the weather wasn’t so hellishly hot.

The place is great. It’s almost like whoever built the park designed it with my son in mind. Besides having hot-air balloons

and Giant Pandas

the park is also home to the Atoll Reef — the world’s largest aquarium — a Shark Aquarium, and a huge Jellyfish exhibit. Naturally, to get to all the lovely, lovely fish, we needed to cross over to the back side of the park via cable car first.

I don’t know if you know this, but I am hugely afraid of heights. And if you’re as hugely afraid of heights as I am then you would understand why this is not considered a relaxing jaunt across the park:

You see that ominous, blue murky thing on the left? That’s called the South China Sea. As in, one slip and the cable car goes tumbling down a mountain and into the sea. I held onto that center pole for dear life for the entire one mile cable car ride. The payoff, however, was worth the nausea inducing ride.

Here is Noah enjoying his favorite species of fish — the “Nemo fish” and the “Nemo’s dad fish”:

And more pictures at the Atoll Reef:

Plus a shot of a jellyfish, just because.

Lucky for him, my boy is not afraid of heights. And hopefully this is something he will never learn to share in common with me.

And just to make extra sure that he would sleep soundly tonight, we took him to the playground once we got back to the front side of the park:

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Things That Make Me Smile

1. Noah’s squishy face.

2. Noah’s crazy dancing — especially when he really gets into it and starts doing ‘jazz hands’ and ‘spirit fingers.’

3. Mark buying me chocolate.

4. Watching tv shows on YouTube and the feeling like I’ve beaten the system. (Suck it iTunes!)

5. New makeup.

6. Noah not being the most misbehaved child in playgroup.

7. Noah sleeping through the night and then sleeping in the next morning (wait, is 8 am considered ‘sleeping in’?).

8. Date nights and the chance to wear heels and a dress again.

9. A quiet night in front of my laptop with a glass of wine and some chocolate.

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