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Noah’s First Movie

With me and Noah’s trip back to the States coming up in a few days — and with it, a two-week separation from Mark who isn’t able to take that much time off from work — we’ve been looking for ways to spend more time together as a family. Today we had the brilliant idea of taking Noah to see his first movie in a movie theater.

Unfortunately, every English language showing of Ratatoulle was completely sold out, so Mark and I did the next most logical thing and bought three tickets to the only other animated movie currently playing — The Simpsons. Yeah yeah yeah…we watch the show so we knew it wouldn’t be a real kids movie, but we still didn’t anticipate that one of the first scenes that would greet our poor boy would be that of a cartoon mouse plunging a flag pole repeatedly into the heart of a cartoon cat. (Damn that Itchy & Scratchy — we forgot about those two completely.) Noah, being the trooper that he is, just sat in his seat, completely transfixed, and said, “Owie.”

Overall, bad parenting aside, Noah did great during his first movie. He sat still, didn’t cry, whine, scream, or do any of the things that Mark and I were afraid of. So on Tuesday, we’re going to try to make it up to him. Mark’s taking a couple of hours off of work and we’re taking Noah to see Ratatoulle. I still haven’t seen the trailer for this movie, but I’m pretty sure there won’t be any cat-maiming in it.

(Yes, he is snacking on popcorn here. And yes, now I remember that popcorn is a choking hazard. Today was not one of my brilliant parenting days.)


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